June 18, 2020

Financial Scandal Destroys Secret Eden

By Charlie Peel, The Courier-Mail | 23rd Jul 2017

"A SECRETIVE colony for people who wanted to live off the grid in "earthships" has collapsed, leaving a community divided."

"Some out-of-pocket investors have been critical of the community's founders but others remain supportive, threatening The Sunday Mail with a class action should the paper publish an article," the Courier Mail reports.

"The Sunday Mail can reveal what was meant to be a dream Utopia in the forested foothills just over the Queensland-NSW border has turned into a nightmare. 

Villagers paid up to $160,000 each to be part of Bhula Bhula but have now split into squabbling factions as they try to protect or recover their investment."

June 13, 2020

Hot Line to the High Court

High Court of Australia 2020

A Notice of a Constitutional Matter is currently before the Attorneys-General, on grounds that the Sovereignty Activists controlling the land-share scheme are selling “Native Title” to “Rural Dwelling Sites” without development approval, on properties they do not rightfully own, and phoenixing a company owning land title that is void due to fraud

NSW Supreme Court, Qld Federal Court and the Federal Court of Appeal have all enabled illegal phoenixing by suppression of evidence of fraud.

June 12, 2020

From Nightcap Village to Earth-Haven Sustainable Communities

An Australian land-share venture that began in 2014 as Bhula Bhula Village Community, is now marketed "Nightcap Village," "Nightcap on Minjungbal" and also as "Earth-Haven Sustainable Communities and Display Villages".

Proposed site of Nightcap VillageAfter the original founder, Mark Darwin, withdrew from the project, other Sovereignty Activists with legal and financial control expanded the venture to greater heights of ambition, with greater depths of harm to their clamouring creditors.

In 2016, the incipient intentional community at Mt Burrell  was exposed as an alleged fraud in local newspapers, on social media and in our blogs.

Tyler Tolman marketing Nightcap Village

In 2017, Bhula Bhula was expanded to 3,500 acres with addition of a neighbouring property owned by Peter van Lieshout. 

The project, promoted by Tyler Tolman, was neatly rebranded as "Mt Warning Eco Village," until mountains of warning from angry investors crying "fraud" triggered another name change to "Nightcap Village". 

Nightcap Village soon became a living nightmare to unrequited creditors who were denied the use and co-ownership of properties, as promised in exchange for their life-savings.

Nightcap Village is now run by non-indigenous Sovereignty Activists selling "Native Title" to "Rural Dwelling Sites" without development approval, on properties taken from others who provided funds for their purchase.

An advertisement on Gumtreee by Mikala Lowe, director of Nightcap Village Holdings Pty Ltd,  offers sale of company shares in the venture. 

The company shares, negotiable from $295,000, are ostensibly convertible to prospective 2.47 acre dwelling sites in the "World's largest Eco Village". 

We allege that the advertiser, Mikala Lowe, is implicated in a planned phoenix move. Her husband, Eamon Lowe is executive consultant to the agency Christies Prestige, holding a Receiver's auction of the property we paid for, next week, on June 19.  

Mikala Lowe Nightcap Village marketing

Earth-Haven Sustainable Communities 

After years of costly and damaging litigation by the controllers of the venture, attempting to gag the increasingly vocal investors pressing for restitution, the land-share scheme turned from an alleged scam into an even bigger and better idyllic dream with a new name, promoted on YouTube and Facebook by fresh faces with large followings.

"Nightcap on Minjungbal" or "Earth-Haven" may look like a dream come true to some ingenuous and idealistic buyers seeking a life-change, but for those of us who are disenfranchised purchase money creditors; those who provided funds from 2014-2016 to buy the properties and were left with nothing but hurt and harm... to all of us, the land-share scheme now newly re-imaged, has been far from Paradise, and the governing mantra of the controlling Sovereignty Activists, "do no harm," does not heal our wounds.

For many of us whose funds and hopes sunk in this venture, those who lost everything in this bad dream, in our reality for the last five years, this imagined "Earth-Haven" has been more like Hell on Earth.

June 11, 2020

Nightcap Village: New Promises, Old Lures

In Australian courts, news reports and blogs, victims of an Australian land-share venture warn that Sovereignty Activists are selling dwelling sites in a land-share venturenow called Nightcap Village, that has been advanced without development approval.

Since 2014, these "Freemen" have swallowed-up much goodwill by making promises muscled by contrived urgency to induce payment of money to them. However, the marketing promises were not fulfilled, and the dream quickly became an ongoing nightmare, as life savings were sucked into a black hole and disappeared, with nothing tangible in return expect hurt and harm.

Under a functional legal system, such dishonesty could be stopped, but as "Freemen" relying on a false narrative and perjured affidavits, Sovereignty Activists intend the courts should bow to them.

As a result, those who lost life-savings have been denied justice for more than three years in four jurisdictions: the local Magistrates Court, NSW Supreme Court, Qld Federal Court, and Qld Federal Court of Appeal. 

A Notice of a Constitutional Matter has now been filed by the victims in an ongoing quest for truth and justice, to move the matter to the High Court.

Bhula Bula Village Community - Backstory to a Fiasco

During 2014-15, the Sovereignty Activists controlling the venture called Bhula Bula Village Community at Mt Burrell, NSW, sold the dream at public events, and secured finance without adequate contractual procedure. 

Potential investors were deceived by promises about legal advisers, legal structures and process, financial management, potential and permissible land use, property management and the status of development applications for land-share occupancy.

May 30, 2020

Ripped Off

A Defrauded Investor -

Unfortunately everything on this Blog is true!

I say "unfortunately" because I am one of the members of this failed community. Very unfortunate for us. It has destroyed our lives. Now trapped in limbo, we are trying desperately to get our life savings back.

The way they work is very ugly. Total con-men! Slick sales and the ability to lie directly to your face knowing all along that they plan to take your life savings and use it to buy themselves expensive toys and fund the expansion of their show.

Our community did not fail because of personality differences, it failed because it became obvious that the financials were being kept secret and that $600k was missing from our accounts. 

Records show it was taken by community leaders and those who were suckered in to follow them.

It also became obvious that they had hidden a town planners report that showed we would never be allowed to build our community there due to water catchment restrictions that they knew about all along.

Then they crashed us into liquidation days before we were to vote a new trustee and try to rescue ourselves. They have added $660k of fake creditors to the company -- all made-up expenses from their friends and family and other companies they control.

No valid attempt was ever made by them to sort this community out. Their plan is purely to make lots of money off the backs of families who are wanting to build community.  

And now they are doing it to another group of poor unsuspecting folks. My hope in posting this is that they will read it before they also fall victim. My heart goes out to those folks.

Please share this to anyone who maybe thinking of "community " in the Mt Burrell, Uki, Nimbin area. Save them from these sharks!

May justice prevail! 
May we find our way back to peace!

Justice is on its way!

Gi's Garden

Gi's Garden at Bhula Bhula  2015-16, before it was destroyed by community leaders

Nightcap Village Local Concerns

By A Concerned Neighbour -

I am a 'Mt Burrell local' and I have watched what has gone on at 3222 Kyogle Road since 2014 when the promotors set about getting the funds together to buy the land. 

I was appalled by the promotors' first youtube video talking about our piece of paradise, calling it "Hicksville" and boasting how they, with the help of likeminded people, would educate the locals, take over Sphinx Rock Cafe and serve "real food" grown on their own land. 

Sphinx Rock Cafe, Mt Burrell

During 2015-16 a shanty town grew up at 3222 Kyogle Road. Fortunately Tweed Shire Council became involved and the Land and Environment Court ordered all dwellings, except the original farmhouse, to be removed. Everyone left after taking down their dwellings.

Gateway to a Bad Dream... 3222 Kyogle Rd, Mt Burrell, NSW

What was once prime agricultural land is now in ruins. 

I have subsequently met several of the people who 'invested' their money in this illegal scheme and they are good people who believed the dream that the promotors were selling. They have lost their 'investment' and for many that was all they had - everything gone.

New offers, same lies
The promotors have now expanded the land-share venture and renamed it Nightcap Village. They repeat the same lies and schemes that I saw in 2014-16. More people are being conned and once again they will lose their money.

Don't listen to their lies!

Don't give them your money for nothing but heartache in return!

(Names have been redacted from this account)

Sovereignty Activist Max Igan Shills Aboriginal land-grab

Max Igan promotes an Australian Sovereignty land-share scheme offering native title to dwelling sites without development approval as part of an ambitious  prospective development called "Nightcap Village".

Nightcap marketing materials claim that the "true owners" of the properties where dwelling sites are on sale are aboriginals from the Minjungbal tribe, who say they have de-facto occupied the land as recompense for the original theft of blackfella land in Australia by the brutal Brits.

Dwelling sites on the properties are now on offer for sale without Tweed Shire Council's development consent, so any ingenuous buyer can receive a "dwelling site" subject only to the capricious whim of indigenous elders, the "true owners".

Current Nightcap Village marketing representations promise that for a quick payment of $295,000 (vendor finance available), new investors will get a dwelling site and they will then become "true owners" of the land.

Max Igan, with a significant following at his Crowhouse, obfuscates the fact that twenty seven angry investors claim to have lost life-savings in the land-share project from 2014-19, amounting to a total of over $2 million.

Nightcap Village marketing narratives conveniently ignore the fact that those who provided purchase money for the properties in 2014-15 consider that they are the rightful "true owners" of the land.

Max Igan has been twice warned that he will be prosecuted for defamation if he does not remove malicious ad hominem attacks against Gi Linda broadcast in his YouTube video conversation with Mark McMurtrie.

In the video, Gi Linda, (Gillian Linda Norman) is subject to ad hominem attacks ostensibly to discredit her claims that she and other investors, who paid purchase money for property without fulfilment of marketing promises, have been disenfranchised without restitution of funds. 

Defamation charges against Nightcap Village and Nightcap Village project manager Phillip Dixon for similar false claims have been lodged with NSW Supreme Court.

Litigation is ongoing regarding claims of rightful co-ownership by those who provided the purchase funds for land.

The fact that Max Igan parrots spurious sovereignty claims while marketing property stolen from those who purchased it, is deeply egregious.

The defrauded investors - who claim legitimate co-proprietary rights to land title, say that Max Igan's promotion of the land-share "sovereignty cause" on behalf of hidden Nightcap Village controllers, is not only audacious and egregious, but is also deceptive and illegal.

Marketing Hopium

Marketing Hopium
Gi Linda responds to malicious attacks by Nightcap Village promotors

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