June 06, 2021

Legal Disclaimer

In reading Nightcap Nightmare Blog, please be aware it is not intended to be imputed that claimants in contempt charges against the publisher are  engaged in a scam.

Nightcap Nightmare Blog is published by Free Radical, a Group of Creditors represented by Gi Linda (Gillian Norman). 

A defamation charge against Gillian Norman filed in 2017 was determined in 2020 in favour of the plaintiffs. As a result, the contested blogs and several posts in this Blog were removed by Google Corp at the behest of Nightcap lawyers.

The defamation litigation was followed in 2020 by a related contumacious contempt of Court claim against Gillian Norman by Adrian Brennock and Phillip Dixon. This is a criminal charge on trial in a civil jurisdiction with potential punishment by imprisonment, intended to prevent publication of Nightcap Nightmare Blog.

The purpose of this Blog is to provide information and opinions about developments and issues concerning a proposed land-share community located at Mt Burrell in the Northern Rivers, NSW. The venture was first called Bhula Bhula Village Community, then became Mt Warning Eco Village and is now renamed Nightcap Village, or Nightcap on Mingungbal. 

The Creditors' Group claims that during 2015-2017, investors lost over $2.5 million when marketing promises were not fulfilled. Litigation in pursuit of vindication is in process.

Marketing Hopium

Marketing Hopium
Gi Linda responds to malicious attacks by Nightcap Village promotors

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