March 10, 2021

Legal Injustice

By Gi Linda

Dancing on tilted stages of Kangaroo Courts, jousting with lying lawyers and bat-winged wigged sophists, hoping for vindication and receiving only injustice upon injustice, I learned painfully that as the double-edged sword of injustice strikes, honour is brutally subordinate to the more profitable interests of mendacity

Lawful Injustice Blog removed by Google Corp in 2020
"Lawful Injustice" was the title of a blog I published from 2019-2020. This was an account of a failed quest for justice by a group of investors, after we were shafted in a land-share venture at Mt Burrell, NSW. Lawful Injustice blog was removed by Google Corp in response to a demand by the developers' lawyer, Billy Fitzgerald. 

Of course, injustice works better when free speech is suppressed.

In 2014, under the auspices of "Truthology," Mark Darwin (MD) and Adrian Brennock"AB" posing as "Mr X," began soliciting finance for purchase of property. In exchange, they offered co-ownership of the land and residential lots, where it was promised that "ethical investors" could build a home and live permanently

Farmhouse at Bhula Bhula Community 2015-2017
To confirm acceptance of the offer, potential participants were instructed to deposit payment into the trust account of Mullumbimby lawyer Wroth Wall, who was nominated as “Community Lawyer,” also responsible for conveyancing. 

I am one of the creditors who lost life saving in this ventureWe believed that the lawyer's fiduciary duty ensured that our funds would be protected as trust money, held exclusively for us in his trust account and disbursed with our consent only for the agreed purpose. This did not occur. 

The developers did not fulfil their marketing promises. In 2015, Adrian Brennock used our trust money to purchase a property through his company, Wollumbin Horizons, then from 2015-2017 he controlled the property with a $1 shareholding in the company. 

We estimate that, including contributions of purchase money, equity and loans, 23 families provided the developers in total with over $2.6 million, and received nothing when the developers' marketing promises were flagrantly broken. 

The Truth about Truthology

The first blog that aggrieved creditors published in 2016 was "The Truth About Truthology" that discussed the beginning of the land share venture. This was wiped by Google Corp in 2020 at Billy Fitzgerald's behest.  

Marketing materials promised that Certificates of Title to the properties would be held by an Incorporated Association “Together in Harmony” on behalf of all contributors of purchase money. 

After causing extensive hurt and loss by fleecing those ingenuous "ethical investors" who had been offered co-ownership of land as members of an association, sardonically called "Together in Harmony," the developers, with characteristic vicious irony, adopted the cynical mantra: "Do No Harm," and while selling more and more fantasy lots as "Dwelling Sites," also advanced a spurious claim of aboriginal sovereignty. 

An ongoing quest for justice began in 2016, for some of those whose misguided trust had resulted in lost life savings.

After taking $120,000 from me, anonymous swinging monkeys then took away my mobile home and a caravan, smashed my garden and threatened me with malicious attacks and stalking. 

When I published claims that MD and AB had swindled us, they sued me for defamation.

Gi's Garden before it was smashed

Nightcap Landshare Communities

In 2017, AB put
 his company into liquidation in a phoenix move to divest liability to unwanted creditors. A
s AB and MD continued trading with the property under other names, the concept was expanded, and is now valued at $37 million.

By 2019, MD had been thrown under the bus by AB and was no longer involved. New promotors now selling the dream alongside Adrian Brennock include Richard Moate, Mark McMurtrie, Derek Zillman, Mikyla Lowe, sovereignty shill Max IganEarth-Haven's Samantha Bachman, various Aborigines offering "tribal title" who claim to be "true owners" of the property, together with international lifestyle celebs, Don Tolman, Tyler Tolman and Pete Evans.

Mark McMurtrie, a renegade Brit, who, as a self-identified white Aborigine, calls himself Gunham Badi Jakamara, and Derek Zillman are company co-directors and major shareholders with Kristy Brennock, wife of AB, who received his shares after he was bankrupted in 2018. 

The promotors spruik the land-share scheme with it's pretentious motto, "do no harm," making sure they keep eyes wide shut to the hurt caused to us when we received nothing but harm in exchange for our funds.

Injustice upon injustice has enabled the developers to leave a trail of shattered lives and empty bank accounts as they continue to inflate the dream, while promotors continue marketing "tribal title" to prospective residential lots without any good prospect of ever receiving development approval.

Marketing Hopium

Marketing Hopium
Gi Linda responds to malicious attacks by Nightcap Village promotors

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