July 15, 2021

Ray Hadley - Radio 2GB Nightcap Warnings

‘Steer clear’: Investors warned off commune promoted by Pete Evans

Investors are being warned to steer clear of a community development promoted by celebrity Pete Evans in NSW’s Byron Hinterlands.

The development, originally called Bhula Bhula, had already wasted millions of investment money when its property developer went bankrupt two years ago. But now that same developer is back, has repackaged the land and called it “Nightcap”, and has enlisted Pete Evans to spruik the investment.

A Current Affair reporter Steve Marshall told Ray Hadley people’s lives had already been ruined by the development: 

“Imagine you put money into a company to buy shares in a plot of land in Tweed Valley... Problem is, people have paid their life savings … into a company to get a share of this beautiful land, and what do you know? The company goes belly up – the money disappears. Then, a few years later, the very same land they’ve paid for, is now up for sale again, as part of a bigger communal living arrangement being marketed by a bankrupt developer.”

July 12, 2021

Contempt Hearing Listed

A hearing to determine severity of punishment for contempt of Court regarding publications about Nightcap Village land-share venture has been listed in NSW Supreme Court for August 11. (Brennock v Norman 2017/00081825).

Following judgement in his favour, Nightcap's Adrian Brennock is requesting punishment by imprisonment for breach of injunctions prohibiting publication of facts imputing fraud and deceptive marketing to him in Nightcap Nightmare Blog.

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Supreme Court Hearing: Nightcap Nightmare

Contumacious Contempt of Court

July 01, 2021

Tweed Council Refuses Nightcap DA

Tweed Shire Council voted to reject an application by Nightcap Village Enterprises for approval to initiate the first stage of a prospective development involving multiple rural land sharing communities.

A report before Council recommended that the application be refused, because of significant adverse social and environmental impacts. 

An earlier Nightcap DA application was refused by Council on September 17, 2020, and an LEP determined that no further land sharing developments would be approved in the Tweed Valley. Even so, the developers filed a second DA application in January 2021, that, in stage 1, seeks approval for the upgrade of an existing private road with vegetation removal and construction of a site office and storage area. See Nightcap Village Concept Plan.

Councillors voted unanimously to refer the DA application to the Northern Regional Planning Panel. 

Mayor Chris Cherry said that the Nightcap concept, which proposes an intentional community with 392 owners separately responsible, is not an appropriate development for that site, and failed to meet the requirements of both Council and the NRPP

She said that if the Northern Regional Planning Panel decides the application does not fall within their jurisdiction, the application will return to Council for a decision and will be "refused on merit".
Development Application for Nightcap Village Refused

Nightcap Village Prohibited by Tweed Shire Council Standards

Daily Telegraph10 reasons why Pete Evans’ Nightcap Village is ‘prohibited'.

Promoted by celebrity chef Pete Evans, a proposed development that offers pre-DA "residential lots" in Nightcap Village, will go before Tweed Shire Council's planning panel today, July 1, seeking approval for Stage 1 road works and infrastructure. 

The recommendation comes just weeks after the project was found to be overvalued by $15 million. The application was initially costed at $37 million, but after Council removed unnecessary components the proposed capital investment was reduced to $21.9 million.

According to a report before Council, the application is prohibited by their standards and should be refused for ten reasons, including undue environmental harm and breach of maximum population density.

The Daily Telegraph reports:

"The controversial Nightcap Village is “prohibited” by Tweed Shire Council’s standards, according to a report to be tabled this week. It is expected the development application will be referred back to the Northern Regional Planning Panel for determination due its complexity, as recommended by council officers.

The application is for a Rural Land Sharing Community and associated works over 21 lots which are to be subdivided into 11 lots, on an area of 1584.34 hectares which seeks approval for 392 dwelling plots over 10 lots to create 10 interconnected Rural Land Sharing Communities on Kyogle Road, Mount Burrell.

The council staff recommendation is for the development application to be referred for determination based on this assessment report to the Northern Regional Planning Panel. If the panel decides it is not the determining authority, then the council’s general manager is delegated authority to determine the development application."

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