May 16, 2021

Pete Evans’ Nightcap Village Overvalued by Millions

"Pete Evans’ Nightcap Village overvalued by at least $7 million, to be determined by Council. The controversial project was found to contain a number of unnecessary components which once removed brought the cost down by at least $7 million."

Nightcap Nightmare Blog, Editor's Comment:


Valuation of the property advertised as "Nightcap Village" determines whether the development application is decided by the Regional Planning Panel, or whether the DA will be determined by normal procedures by Tweed Shire Council, which has previously rejected the DA application and ruled that no further DA applications may be made by Nightcap developers. The pending application was slipped in under the radar during Christmas break.

Re-assessment of the project, reducing the value by $7 million means that the DA application will be decided by Tweed Shire Council.

Community consultation was conducted by the Council for several months, finding intense local opposition to the venture. 

Comment on the Daily Telegraph news report by local resident Jenny Leunig:

"Yee haaaa! Fabulous news!!!"

"A proposed development for multiple rural land sharing communities in Mount Burrell and Kunghur area will no longer be decided by the State, after it was found to be overvalued and containing unnecessary components.

The planned development, known as Nightcap Village and spruiked by controversial celebrity chef Pete Evans, is for an “intentional community” which would cater for almost 400 dwellings.

The applicant has sought approval for $37 million worth of capital works, including an internal road network and solar panels with battery storage.

However, the cost listed by the proponent was advised to be under $30 million after unnecessary components were removed from the application, making it no longer the required value to be determined by the Northern Regional Planning Panel.

The developer is seeking approval for Stage One of the project which is an upgrade of the existing private road and associated earthworks, vegetation removal and site construction office and storage area.

Tweed Shire Council’s director of planning and regulation, Vince Connell, said both the New South Wales Department of Planning, Industry and Environment were aware of the change.

A development application proposing early works, related to a planned "intentional community" in the Mount Burrell and Kunghur area, has been lodged with Tweed Shire Council. 

“Council has reassessed the capital costs submitted by the proponent of DA21/0010 and removed components that should not have been included,” Mr Connell said.

“This reassessment has brought the development’s calculated capital costs to below $30 million and Council will therefore determine the DA.

“Based on the calculated capital investment value of the proposal and following legal advice, Council considers that it is the consent of authority for DA21/0010, not the Northern Regional Planning Panel,” Mr Connell said. 

A report will be submitted to the planning committee in their July 1 meeting for the Council’s determination of the DA."

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May 15, 2021

Supreme Court Hearing: Nightcap Nightmare

Charges of Contumacious Contempt of Court by Gillian Norman, (Gi Linda) publisher of Nightcap Nightmare Blog, were heard yesterday, May 14, in NSW Supreme Court before Justice Sackar. 

Gillian Norman was charged with breaking Court Orders that prohibit republication of defamatory imputations. Represented by barrister Kieran Smark SC, thanks to a referral from Justice Sackar to NSW Bar Association, Gillian Norman does not admit any contempt.

The criminal charges were brought by Adrian Brennock and Phillip Dixon, as principals in Nightcap Village, a prospective Northern Rivers land-share venture, in relation to a 2020 defamation judgement in their favour: Darwin v Norman [2020] NSWSC 357.

Justice Sackar deferred judgement and will give his decision at a second hearing that will determine penalty, if applicable.

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Marketing Hopium

Marketing Hopium
Gi Linda responds to malicious attacks by Nightcap Village promotors

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