March 24, 2021

Nightcap Investors Apply for Residential Lots

Nightcap Community Questionnaire is published by Nightcap on Minjungbal promotor Samantha Bachman on her website. It's part of an application for a residential lot with Nightcap on Minjungbal "Community" at Mt Burrell, NSW.

The developers are not named.

Prospective investors are informed that the minimum deposit is $100,000 and "vendor finance" is available to a select few, subject to approval by the anonymous "development team".

Nightcap Community Questionnaire

The first question is:
"Names of you and your family members that would like to live on the land?"

Applicants may presume that a question regarding their desire to build a home on the land implies that permanent residence is a legally permissible and immediate possibility. 

A disingenuous footnote to the Nightcap Community Questionnaire advises prospective investors to do due diligence, but does not warn that multiple occupancy is not a permitted use of the land, that DA applications have been refused three times, and that no development approval is currently in place.

Hopeful investors are not informed that fulfilment of the marketing representations is subject to approval of Nightcap's prospective land-share concept by Tweed Shire Council or regional authorities, through a process that normally takes several years to complete.

The developers do not warn of risk over contested ownership of property they advertise. Nor do they inform that during 2014-2017, in response to similar marketing representations, 23 families were "approved" and invited to "live on the land" in exchange for receipt of over $2.5 million in trust funds, loans and other equity.

Unfortunately these investors lost life savings, but hey, Nightcap promotors don't care about that. The anonymous development team has published a disclaimer... and they are aggressively pursuing SLAPP actions to protect their revenue stream by imposing an unconstitutional gag on aggrieved creditors and outspoken critics clamouring for justice.

Litigation and threats of litigation effectively muzzle many creditors who silently fear retaliation if they should dare object to having been fleeced. Most of this blog was recently removed due to such intimidation, but the posts have now been restored by Admin.

Nightcap Promotion Published by Samantha Bachman

Samantha Bachman, the manager of Earth-Haven Display Villages, is also threatening the publishers of Nightcap Nightmare Blog with legal action.  She promotes Nightcap on Minjungbal's "Land and Tiny Home" offer online without disclosing that multiple occupancy and land-sharing are currently not permitted use of the offered land. 

Earth-Haven recently removed the promotion, but while denying that she promotes the Nightcap scheme, Samantha Bachman continues to offer Nightcap-Earth-Haven's "Land and Tiny Home" deal on her personal website.  

Nightcap Community Questionnaire

1. Name(s) of you and your family members that would like to live on the land? 

Family Members

Plus ages for each.

Current address and how long have you lived there?


Email address and phone number(s) to contact you?

Email Telephone


Are you a system trained professional and what is your current profession?


Are you currently employed in that role and if so, how do you see that continuing (ie if you are self-employed working from home, internet based and no external offices, so no disruption?

Are you looking to change profession? If so, what is your passion and how would you consider yourself as an additional asset of our tribe?

What time frame are you looking to buy in to the development, and also when would you like to move to the land?

Are you ready to buy into the community right now? Are you able to get to the farm to tour the land in the near future?

(Lockdown legislation currently permits private inspections, by appointment, with real estate agents at this time)

Do you have the ability to purchase a share immediately, or would you require Vendor Finance*?

*Note that the number is strictly limited for Vendor Finance and minimum deposit is $100,000 paid now, with the balance over no more than 7 years, subject to approval.

1. Are you ready to purchase now? If so, how are you able to do so (eg existing savings)?
Ready to purchase and reason YES NO

1. If no, what is your expected timing and likelihood of being able to so, and within what time-frame? Timeframe Likelihood

1. What are your thoughts on the current Coronavirus/Covid 19 and the worldwide lockdown situation?

1. What are your thoughts on vaccinations (mandatory ) and alternative medicines?

1. What are your thoughts on the media and how the situation has been handled/presented?

1. What are your thoughts on organic agriculture?

1. Do you have any animals and will they be joining you on Country, should your application be accepted? Please detail animals and background.

Animals and background Joining Community?

Please note, we do love animals and encourage people to bring their furry family members with them, provided that all domestic animals (dogs & cats) are subject to community keeping/fencing/bylaws and behaviour standards.

Finally, please tell us a little bit more about yourself below:

Marketing Hopium

Marketing Hopium
Gi Linda responds to malicious attacks by Nightcap Village promotors

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