July 26, 2020

Free Speech - Denied!

In response to a request by lawyer Billy Fitzgerald, Rose Litigation, who represents the sovereignty activists featured in the book "Nightmare on Minjugbal," Google Corp has summarily removed most of the posts on this blog.

The posts have been censored because they supposedly violate injunctions imposed by NSW Supreme Court on the co-author and editor, Gi Linda, who is prohibited from imputing fraud to Billy Fitzgerald's clients.

The injunctions are based on Judge Fagan's 2019 decision that although more than 20 investors lost life savings when they paid purchase money for land in 2014-16, but received nothing in return, this cannot be described as a "scam" because the failure to fulfil marketing representations is mere incompetence, and does not involve deception or fraud by Mr Fitzgerald's clients.

The demand that nothing further may be said on the matter assists Mr Fitzgerald's clients to induct new investors into the project, by denying the trail of broken dreams and shattered lives, and the trials in Kangaroo courts where false narratives perpetuate injustice and impecunious victims have no recourse to vindication. 

Since the Supreme Court judgement, Mr Fitzgerald's clients have expanded the venture and renamed it "Nightcap on Minjungbal". They are now selling 867 dwelling sites without development approval, and offering new investors "tribal title" to "pre-DA" blocks on the contested property, starting at $295,000 each.

The legal gag on freedom of political discussion about this matter of public interest is contested by Gi Linda in a Notice of a Constitutional Matter requesting transfer of ongoing litigation to the High Court. 

Posts informing more details have been suppressed by Google Corp at Billy Fitzgerald's request.

Marketing Hopium

Marketing Hopium
Gi Linda responds to malicious attacks by Nightcap Village promotors

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