June 26, 2020

Nightcap on Minjungbal - A Communitarian Venture

The land-share venture began in 2014 with fundraising for an intentional community called Bhula Bhula Village CommunityTwo properties at 3220-3222 Kyogle Rd, Mt Burrell, were purchased in 2015-16 with funds held in trust by Mullumbimby lawyer, Wroth Wall - over $2 million. 

The finance was provided by a group of investors in response to marketing representations that they would be co-owners of the properties as members of an incorporated association.

The marketing promises were never fulfilled.

Campout 2015, meeting of investors who provided purchase money for Mt Burrell properties
Campout 2015, meeting of investors who provided purchase money for Mt Burrell properties

Investors provided over $2 million in 2014-16 for purchase of property
Investors provided over $2 million in 2014-16 for purchase of property

Title to the farmland at 3222 Kyogle Rd was retained by finance manager "Mr X". Because of protective Supreme Court injunctions he cannot be identified as the controller of the alleged land-share fraud.

In July 2015, Mr X appointed himself sole director and seized control of the venture with a single $1 shareholding in the company used to purchase the property.

Those investors who insisted on accountability and fulfilment of marketing representations were "rejected" and forced off the properties by Mr X, without right of reply or restitution of funds.

Sphinx Rock Cafe, 3220 Kyogle Rd, Mt Burrell

The community was divided between those who did not agree with the new direction, who wanted to leave, and "the boys at the back" who accepted the Sovereignty land grab and occupied the properties, ready to defy Council. They built dwellings without DA consent, only to be evicted in 2017, after Tweed Shire Council pressed claims in the Land and Environment Court.

Mr X continued marketing dwelling sites and refused to transfer co-ownership and control of the venture to investors, as promised.

In July 2017, he spun the company into liquidation after executing a mortgage over the property. 

Mr X invited British agitator Mark McMurtrie, who calls himself "Gunham Badi Jakamarra," to occupy the farmhouse as supposed "caretaker," bringing the Minjungbal Tribe with him.

In 2020, six years after the intentional community was conceived, new project managers stepped in line with Mr X, who, for three years, continued insolvent trading with the company in liquidation, as the property deteriorated.

Richard Moate and Max Igan are now Nightcap Village "Community Membersand the enthusiastic promotors who are still moving forward without DA compliance.

Project director, Mr X, together with British property "caretaker" Mark McMurtrie and British promotor Richard Moate, have been adopted by the Minjungbal Tribe as self-identified white Aborigines.

Promotors Richard Moate and Max Igan

Living Outside the Dialectic

A Communitarian Venture

The political construct of Communitarianism underlies the ethos of the Sovereignty land-share scheme at Mt Burrell. In Communitarian systems the rights of the individual are subordinate to the collective.

As presumed descendants of the original indigenous occupants of Australia, Sovereignty Activists aligned with the Minjungbal Tribe seized the land, evicting the purchase money creditors who paid for the properties. 

They justify the land-grab by appeal to higher communitarian precepts, based on their belief that Aborigines should be the rightful owners of all Australian territory.

The property at Mt Burrell in 2014, now occupied by Aborigines

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Marketing Hopium

Marketing Hopium
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