June 12, 2020

From Nightcap Village to Earth-Haven Sustainable Communities

An Australian land-share venture that began in 2014 as Bhula Bhula Village Community, is now marketed "Nightcap Village," "Nightcap on Minjungbal" and also as "Earth-Haven Sustainable Communities and Display Villages".

Proposed site of Nightcap VillageAfter the original founder, Mark Darwin, withdrew from the project, other Sovereignty Activists with legal and financial control expanded the venture to greater heights of ambition, with greater depths of harm to their clamouring creditors.

In 2016, the incipient intentional community at Mt Burrell  was exposed as an alleged fraud in local newspapers, on social media and in our blogs.

Tyler Tolman marketing Nightcap Village

In 2017, Bhula Bhula was expanded to 3,500 acres with addition of a neighbouring property owned by Peter van Lieshout. 

The project, promoted by Tyler Tolman, was neatly rebranded as "Mt Warning Eco Village," until mountains of warning from angry investors crying "fraud" triggered another name change to "Nightcap Village". 

Nightcap Village soon became a living nightmare to unrequited creditors who were denied the use and co-ownership of properties, as promised in exchange for their life-savings.

Nightcap Village is now run by non-indigenous Sovereignty Activists selling "Native Title" to "Rural Dwelling Sites" without development approval, on properties taken from others who provided funds for their purchase.

An advertisement on Gumtreee by Mikala Lowe, director of Nightcap Village Holdings Pty Ltd,  offers sale of company shares in the venture. 

The company shares, negotiable from $295,000, are ostensibly convertible to prospective 2.47 acre dwelling sites in the "World's largest Eco Village". 

We allege that the advertiser, Mikala Lowe, is implicated in a planned phoenix move. Her husband, Eamon Lowe is executive consultant to the agency Christies Prestige, holding a Receiver's auction of the property we paid for, next week, on June 19.  

Mikala Lowe Nightcap Village marketing

Earth-Haven Sustainable Communities 

After years of costly and damaging litigation by the controllers of the venture, attempting to gag the increasingly vocal investors pressing for restitution, the land-share scheme turned from an alleged scam into an even bigger and better idyllic dream with a new name, promoted on YouTube and Facebook by fresh faces with large followings.

"Nightcap on Minjungbal" or "Earth-Haven" may look like a dream come true to some ingenuous and idealistic buyers seeking a life-change, but for those of us who are disenfranchised purchase money creditors; those who provided funds from 2014-2016 to buy the properties and were left with nothing but hurt and harm... to all of us, the land-share scheme now newly re-imaged, has been far from Paradise, and the governing mantra of the controlling Sovereignty Activists, "do no harm," does not heal our wounds.

For many of us whose funds and hopes sunk in this venture, those who lost everything in this bad dream, in our reality for the last five years, this imagined "Earth-Haven" has been more like Hell on Earth.

Marketing Hopium

Marketing Hopium
Gi Linda responds to malicious attacks by Nightcap Village promotors

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