August 31, 2020

Pete Evans Sells Off-Matrix Nightcap Experience

Pete Evans is hooked.

Celebrity chef Pete Evans 
says he's "Fkn IN!" 
is keen to put up his hand to market his off-matrix tribal experience: "Paleo Pete has joined an off-grid bush "tribe" living in an idyllic new development about an hour from the famous tourist mecca, Byron Bay..." according to news reports.

Sounds like a dream come true, but not far beneath the veil lurks a simmering anger and stories of discontented creditors whose ongoing nightmares are hard to suppress. 

Pete Evans announced on Instagram details of his new life with the off-matrix "Byron Tribal Community". He didn't mention any of the families who lost life savings following the same dream during the last five years, or the ongoing litigation by investors who lost everything when marketing representations were not fulfilled. 

He doesn't seem to notice that no compliant development application has been made to Tweed Council since the venture began in 2014.

Having signed a contract with the inner circle to become a "Nightcap on Minjungbal Community Member" the popular chef is now inviting his social media followers to dream of a new lifestyle. 

Any cashed-up young families looking for a life-change?

After the contract was signed by Pete Evans, Nightcap Sales News by Derek Zillman announced an expected "momentous boost" in sales of tribal title to dwelling sites at Nightcap on Minjungbal

Extract from Nightcap on Minjungbal Marketing / Sales News by Derek Zillman

"Nightcap: quick update 8th July 2020 

...exciting news is we will shortly be announcing publicly the involvement of Chef Peter Evans with the project.

Pete Evans is an internationally renowned chef, restaurateur, entrepreneur, key note speaker, author, television presenter and documentary producer. He also has a podcast called HEAL with Pete Evans, exploring nutritional and emotional wellbeing.

Pete will be making similar announcements via a movie that is being made by him now and over the coming years about the project. 

This is a long term commercial arrangement that has been negotiated and signed with Peter, by AB and Gunham, and this partnership will be a momentous boost for the sales campaigns and the community moving forward."

Paleo Pete sells Nightcap Village
Paleo Pete - Daily Telegraph, 28.8.20
Pete Evans now promotes the venture in a 30 minute video. He is most impressed by the community slogan, "do no harm".  He says, "it's in us, it is who we are". Kind of like Christianity without Christ?

He uses soaring platitudes to sell the land-share scheme: "What this represents is freedom to be your higher self with people who are just being their higher self with their highest purpose."

Pete Evans has been informed of ongoing litigation contesting the land-share scheme that he now promotes, but he chooses to turn a blind eye to investors who lost life savings in the venture since 2015, when marketing promises offering shared ownership of land in exchange for purchase money were not fulfilled and loans were not repaid.

Commenting on "Paleo Pete's" recent induction into the tribal experience, radio host Ray Hadley on his Morning Show, Aug 31, warned about the notable failure of the venture when, in 2015-17, it was called "Bhula Bhula Village Community"

"A Federal Court Judge described efforts to establish the community as 'shambolic' and said those involved 'failed to reach the heights of a careless amateur'... The last time they went down this road, (without this dolt being involved) someone lost $2.5 million. Make sure this time that it's not you!"

Pete Evans -Nightcap Fiasco


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