July 05, 2020

Nightcap on Minjungbal marketing "Sacred Land"

"For us, it's our staging point for our expansion in the rest of the country."

Promoters of the land-share venture, Nightcap Village, are selling a lifestyle dream with a social justice vision and a reverential greeting, "Welcome to Country!"

"Mr X" is the self-identified "White Aborigine" who introduces himself to prospective investors as the project director. 

He wants the 3,500 acre venture, "Nightcap Village," also called "Nightcap on Minjungbal," to be recognised as an Aboriginal Sovereign Nation and extended across Australia. He says the Minjungbal Tribe are happy with the land-share scheme.

Prior to development approval, Nightcap Realty is selling a total of 867 dwelling sites in the prospective Village Community. Blocks are offered at $295,000 each with "Tribal Title" and special discounts

Nightcap Village Concept Plan

Nightcap Village Concept Plan

"It's available to everyone within price point."

The Mysterious "Mr X"

"Mr X" cannot be named. "Mr X" is the pseudonym he used as a presenter in Freedom Summits 2014, where the land-share venture was first marketed. 

In 2016, as sole director with a $1 shareholding controlling the company used to purchase a property for more than $1 million, Mr X took advantage of litigation by the Land and Environment Court to collapse the community called "Bhula Bhula" leaving purchase money creditors destitute.

Mr X then retained legal ownership and personal control of the property.
From 2017-20, he used NSW Supreme Court of Defamation as a bludgeon to silence dissent. As a result he obtained the protection of Court Orders that prohibit publications imputing to him any dishonourable conduct. 

At the close of a six-day hearing of defamation charges against one of the defrauded investors, journalist and documentary filmmaker Gillian Norman, (Gi Linda), in October 2019, Judge Fagan concluded that although the controllers of the land-share venture had taken people's money and given nothing in return during 2014-17, the debacle resulted from incompetent management, not fraud.

Six months later when Fagan J published his final judgement strengthening Australia's already draconian defamation laws, he ignored evidence that Mr X was running a scam, and awarded $400,000 aggravated damages and legal costs estimated about $1 million, to be paid by Gi Linda to the plaintiffs.

In contrast to facts of reality, Mr X, the first plaintiff, repeatedly affirmed before the Supreme Court that from 2014-17, he was bankrupted by the "Bhula Bhula" fiasco and played only a minor role as an IT consultant

Mr X assured the Judge that he had no continued involvement in the venture when it was renamed "Mt Warning Eco Village" and "Nightcap Village," except as a bankrupt shareholder.

Nightcap Realty Promotional Video

In June 2020, Nightcap Realty distributed a video presented by "Mr X" with Mark McMurtrie (Gunham Badi) and marketing manager Richard MoateThey have been adopted into a Minjungbal Tribe that claims an original inheritance of land from early inhabitants of the Tweed Valley.

Nightcap Realty Promotional Video, June 2020

"Part of living here is.. you buy in, you buy a block"
"Part of living here is.. you buy in, you buy a block"

Tribal Title on Sale

Promotors elevate the potentially lucrative venture to presumed higher virtues: communitarian wealth-sharing, and the proposed return of "Country" to Aborigines, based on a belief that they should be recognised as the "true owners" of all Australian territory. 

The proposed indigenous autonomous zone appears similar in concept to the 6-block land-grab called Chapel Hill Autonomous Zone, "CHAZ" that morphed into "CHOP" before it was removed in July 2020 from downtown Seattle, USA.

In the Nightcap Realty promotional video, Mr X proposes that "within price point" investors of any nationality could buy into the Sovereign Minjungbal Nation, become "Community Members" and receive dual citizenship.

Nightcap Village Community Rules establishing enforceable private laws, and guidelines providing protocols for submissive deference to Aborigines are included in the marketing package.

"The Minjungbal people are happy..."
A Minjungbal Elder is introduced to new investors by Richard Moate

No compliant development application has been submitted to Tweed Shire Council since the venture began in 2014, even so, a Nightcap Village Newsletter published in June 2020 by Richard Moate, falsely claims approval already exists for 424 dwelling sites:
"Most of you are aware of the existing DA approvals for 424 sites, and that over $2.1 million dollars was spent on the DA submission of last month, taking the project to over 850 spots."
"As we approach the end of another financial year and are witnessing the unprecedented changes to our world, the Nightcap Village on Minjungbal continues to buck the trend with its ground-breaking collaboration with the Elders of this sacred space. 

Enormous gratitude and thanks to Gunham Badi Jakamarra of the Original Sovereign Tribal Federation and the Minjungbal Elders particularly Uncle Arty and Uncles Dean, Mark, Scotty & Jonno (amongst others) for sharing so much knowledge and wisdom throughout the journey. For the development team to be working alongside such learned individuals in ensuring that the land, the law, the sacred sites and the true owners are honoured and respected, is truly a privilege.

Most of you are aware of the existing DA approvals for 424 sites, and that over $2.1million dollars was spent on the DA submission of last month, taking the project to over 850 spots.

The team are now also extremely proud to announce the successful purchase on Friday of last week of a parcel of land of over 650 acres, further strengthening the future points of access for the Original owners and the community. Needless to say, there was some celebrating to be had both on Country and by members of our community around the world.

We have some exciting works in the pipeline, including not only one documentary already in production, but also the (long awaited) virtual tour of the land and our new and improved website.

We’ve attached a few images taken over the weekend for those of you yet to see the land. If you like our vision and haven’t already, please complete and return your questionnaire to rich@nightcaprealty.com so we can get to know each other. We hope to meet many more of you on Country next time."

Nightcap on Minjungbal marketing offer:

Marketing Hopium

Marketing Hopium
Gi Linda responds to malicious attacks by Nightcap Village promotors

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