June 26, 2020

Living Outside the Dialectic

A Communitarian Venture

The political construct of Communitarianism underlies the ethos of the Sovereignty land-share scheme at Mt Burrell. In Communitarian systems the rights of the individual are subordinate to the collective.

As presumed descendants of the original indigenous occupants of Australia, Sovereignty Activists aligned with the Minjungbal Tribe seized the land, evicting the purchase money creditors who paid for the properties. 

They justify the land-grab by appeal to higher communitarian precepts, based on their belief that Aborigines should be the rightful owners of all Australian territory.

The property at Mt Burrell in 2014, now occupied by Aborigines

Recommended Reading on Communitarianism

"Living Outside the Dialectic":  See Niki Raapana's blog and books on Communitarianism 

Seeking a Path Not Included in the Plan

2020: Our Common Destiny & the Anti Communitarian Manifesto 

Niki Raapana and Nordica Friedrich explore the history, philosophy, and modern-day implementation of Sustainable Development, Communitarian Law, and Community Policing. 

Niki Raapana's blog: https://nikiraapana.blogspot.com

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