May 30, 2020

Ripped Off

A Defrauded Investor -

Unfortunately everything on this Blog is true!

I say "unfortunately" because I am one of the members of this failed community. Very unfortunate for us. It has destroyed our lives. Now trapped in limbo, we are trying desperately to get our life savings back.

The way they work is very ugly. Total con-men! Slick sales and the ability to lie directly to your face knowing all along that they plan to take your life savings and use it to buy themselves expensive toys and fund the expansion of their show.

Our community did not fail because of personality differences, it failed because it became obvious that the financials were being kept secret and that $600k was missing from our accounts. 

Records show it was taken by community leaders and those who were suckered in to follow them.

It also became obvious that they had hidden a town planners report that showed we would never be allowed to build our community there due to water catchment restrictions that they knew about all along.

Then they crashed us into liquidation days before we were to vote a new trustee and try to rescue ourselves. They have added $660k of fake creditors to the company -- all made-up expenses from their friends and family and other companies they control.

No valid attempt was ever made by them to sort this community out. Their plan is purely to make lots of money off the backs of families who are wanting to build community.  

And now they are doing it to another group of poor unsuspecting folks. My hope in posting this is that they will read it before they also fall victim. My heart goes out to those folks.

Please share this to anyone who maybe thinking of "community " in the Mt Burrell, Uki, Nimbin area. Save them from these sharks!

May justice prevail! 
May we find our way back to peace!

Justice is on its way!

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Marketing Hopium
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