May 30, 2020

Sovereignty Activist Max Igan Shills Aboriginal land-grab

Max Igan promotes an Australian Sovereignty land-share scheme offering native title to dwelling sites without development approval as part of an ambitious  prospective development called "Nightcap Village".

Nightcap marketing materials claim that the "true owners" of the properties where dwelling sites are on sale are aboriginals from the Minjungbal tribe, who say they have de-facto occupied the land as recompense for the original theft of blackfella land in Australia by the brutal Brits.

Dwelling sites on the properties are now on offer for sale without Tweed Shire Council's development consent, so any ingenuous buyer can receive a "dwelling site" subject only to the capricious whim of indigenous elders, the "true owners".

Current Nightcap Village marketing representations promise that for a quick payment of $295,000 (vendor finance available), new investors will get a dwelling site and they will then become "true owners" of the land.

Max Igan, with a significant following at his Crowhouse, obfuscates the fact that twenty seven angry investors claim to have lost life-savings in the land-share project from 2014-19, amounting to a total of over $2 million.

Nightcap Village marketing narratives conveniently ignore the fact that those who provided purchase money for the properties in 2014-15 consider that they are the rightful "true owners" of the land.

Max Igan has been twice warned that he will be prosecuted for defamation if he does not remove malicious ad hominem attacks against Gi Linda broadcast in his YouTube video conversation with Mark McMurtrie.

In the video, Gi Linda, (Gillian Linda Norman) is subject to ad hominem attacks ostensibly to discredit her claims that she and other investors, who paid purchase money for property without fulfilment of marketing promises, have been disenfranchised without restitution of funds. 

Defamation charges against Nightcap Village and Nightcap Village project manager Phillip Dixon for similar false claims have been lodged with NSW Supreme Court.

Litigation is ongoing regarding claims of rightful co-ownership by those who provided the purchase funds for land.

The fact that Max Igan parrots spurious sovereignty claims while marketing property stolen from those who purchased it, is deeply egregious.

The defrauded investors - who claim legitimate co-proprietary rights to land title, say that Max Igan's promotion of the land-share "sovereignty cause" on behalf of hidden Nightcap Village controllers, is not only audacious and egregious, but is also deceptive and illegal.

Marketing Hopium

Marketing Hopium
Gi Linda responds to malicious attacks by Nightcap Village promotors

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